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Welcome to my page!

My name is Mladen Spasinovici and I was born in Bucharest, Romania.
I have been transcribing and composing mainly for stringed and woodwind instruments . My affinity for Russian music, determined me to arrange "Pictures at an exhibition" by Modest Mussorgsky, for string quintet.
The father of music, J. S Bach, inspired me during time and also gave me the power to complete the transcription of "Ciaccona" for string quartet.
One of my own compositions (for string quartet), "Black sheep, white sheep", which can be found here on MusicaNeo, is a suite based on a lait-motif theme inspired from Romanian folklore. Please, feel free to search for your desired arrangement or composition in my library. If you cannot find the title you need, we can discuss over email and I will gladly make your preferred music come to life.

MLADEN SPASINOVICI - Cellist, Arranger, Composer
E-mail: spasinovici{at}yahoo{dot}com



  • Passacaglia
  • Klavier, Geige, Cello
  • 30.00 USD


29 Mrz 2014
24 Mrz 2014
Roxana Moisanu and Mladen Spasinovici Roxana Moisanu ( concert harp and Celtic harp ) and Mladen Spasinovici ( cello ), both solo instrumentalists in the orchestra of the Bucharest National Opera , had their first recital as Duo Cell’Arpa in 2011. Both eager of high quality music, they decided to combine their instruments in a rarely used chamber ensemble. This unique mixture of beautiful and touching sounds, which can be either very soft or powerful, combines the ...