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Alternative title on a theme by G. F. Handel for an unusual string quintet and piano
ComposerMladen Spasinovici
PublisherMladen Spasinovici
Genre Classical / Chamber music
Instrumentation Piano, Violin, Cello
Scored forSextet
Type of scoreFull score, Parts
Key G minor
Movement(s) 1 to 1 from 1
Duration 7'15"
Difficulty Difficult
Year of composition 2022
Description This creation is based on one of Handel's best-known works, Passacaglia. Many composers and arrangers were inspired by this work and created famous variations of this theme. One of the best known versions is the one created by Johan Halvorsen in 1893. The version written by me uses many thematic elements imagined by Halvorsen but also by other composers of the past centuries such as Bach or Beethoven. I invite you to listen to my version of Passacaglia, written for a unique chamber formula: two violins, three cellos and a piano, because… why not? Handel's music sounds good in any instrumental combination!
Upload date 22 Mar 2022


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